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Building Jewish Identity...One Mezuzah at a Time

03/30/2022 04:54:59 PM


Every year, our rising B’nei Mitzvah class embarks on a journey of learning and exploration with the Rabbi and Hazzan. This year, we added a most incredible experience.

In partnership with the Gimmel Foundation in Israel our students had the opportunity to create mezuzot together with peers in Israel. Our scribe and director of the Gimmel Foundation, Rabbi Eitan Kupietzky worked with students in Israel to complete the second to last letter of a mezuzah scroll. Rabbi Kupietzky then joined us here at Agudas as our students completed the final letter. The result: every B’nei Mitzvah student has a mezuzah that they co-created with a peer in Israel. Our students also made the housing for the mezuzah from olive wood, representing the Land of Israel (one of the 7 species) and our hope for peace. The evening was nothing short of spectacular. The smiles on the faces of our students, along with their parents, says it all. See some select photos here.

If there is one symbol, one ritual item, that proudly declares Jewish identity it is a mezuzah. Placed on the doorposts of our homes for all to see, it is a reminder of all that we hold sacred. For our B’nei Mitzvah, this reminder will travel with them from their childhood bedrooms to their college dorms to their future homes. Whenever they look at it, they will remember their connection to Judaism, Israel, and their Agudas family. We thank Len Guedalia and Shelly Weinberger, whose support and generosity made this project and dream a reality.




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