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How do we live a Jewish life?

     When we become a bar or bat mitzvah we are told that we must observe the commandments. At Passover seders we learn the power and beauty of tradition. Throughout the many cycles of life we turn to ritual to generate meaning and purpose.
     Judaism often uses the term halakhah to describe the religious acts we do throughout our lives. Halakhah (lit. to walk or to go) is, in one sense, the Jewish roadmap that shows us how to navigate life with a sense of holiness. Put differently, halakhah is the road itself, and k’dushah – holiness – is the sacred destination to which that road leads over a lifetime.
     The resources on this page serve as a roadmap. We are always available as guides to help you along the way.
     It is with great pleasure that we embark upon this sacred journey together!
Rabbi Rein
Hazzan Dienstfrey
Video Library - How Do We Live a Jewish Life?
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