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Building Jewish Identity...One Mezuzah at a Time

03/30/2022 04:54:59 PM


Every year, our rising B’nei Mitzvah class embarks on a journey of learning and exploration with the Rabbi and Hazzan. This year, we added a most incredible experience.

In partnership with the Gimmel Foundation in Israel our students had the opportunity to create mezuzot together with peers in Israel. Our scribe and director of the Gimmel Foundation, Rabbi Eitan Kupietzky worked with students in Israel to complete the second to last...Read more...

Caring for our Community – In Memory of Charney and Marjorie Weber z”l

01/10/2022 02:30:59 PM


On a warm July afternoon, I sat next to Charney Weber in his bedroom. He extended his hand towards mine and I took hold of it. We looked at each other for several minutes. Few words were said. Speaking at this point was very difficult for Charney. I just wanted to be present. He just wanted a moment with his rabbi – a moment he knew would probably be his...Read more...

Wed, May 22 2024 14 Iyyar 5784