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AAC Strategic Planning Initiative


Dear Congregants,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am pleased to share with you all the final report of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee. The report lists the priorities for our congregation which emerged as the Steering Committee gathered congregants’ input from the many data gathering activities (surveys, community conversations and personal interviews). The Board accepted this report at its November 2018 meeting.

At the same meeting, the Board tasked Rachel Goldberg and Meredith Ludwig with building an implementation team which will establish timelines, estimate costs, set benchmarks, delegate tasks, and report back to the Board on progress. The implementation team will support, advise and monitor progress as the standing synagogue committees and volunteers are engaged this year to address and accomplish the priorities set forth in the Strategic Plan.

As a congregation, we can be proud of the work we have done thus far on the Strategic Plan. We will be receiving regular reports from the implementation team and will be sharing them with you all.  

If you are interested in being involved in implementation of the strategic plan, please reach out to Meredith Ludwig or Rachel Goldberg.


Ken Labowitz, President
Agudas Achim Board of Directors

October 2018

Sun, April 14 2024 6 Nisan 5784