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Preschool Skills

Learning, growing and developing skills

In our program, children develop: 

social and emotional skills by gradually assuming more responsibility for themselves, their emotions and actions; becoming more aware of others’ needs and feelings; being part of a group; and building positive relationships with peers and the adults in their lives. 

problem solving skills by engaging with toys, materials, and their friends in new and challenging ways; and cooperation and collaboration skills by solving new and challenging problems, skills that are essential in today’s ever changing, technological world.

early literacy skills by participating in activities such as read-alouds; group discussions that build vocabulary and understanding; nursery rhymes and finger plays that teach phonological awareness (such as syllables, onset and rime); and recognizing and writing letters. 

early numeracy skills by taking part in activities such as classifying and sorting objects by color, shape, and function; solving puzzles by applying logic and reason; counting; and recognizing numbers.

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