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Preschool Philosophy

We focus on the whole child, ensuring that all children are respected, supported, engaged, and challenged. We emphasize Jewish values such as: b’tzelem Elohim (we are all created in the image of God); derech eretz (common decency and appropriate behavior, literally translated as “way of the world”); kavod (respect for one another); and tzedakah (charity, helping others).

Our program is play-based and child-centered. Children need many opportunities throughout the day to playfully and joyfully explore their environment, discover new concepts, and practice new skills. Along the way they will feel success as well as frustration. As their teachers, it is our responsibility to create learning experiences for them that are challenging yet achievable. We aim to support every child on their developmental journey, no matter what their starting point.

Wed, May 22 2024 14 Iyyar 5784