Monthly Israel Book Club with Miri

February's Book:

Our next book, "Son of Hamas", brings the incredible story of Musa'ab Hassan Yousef, the oldest son of one of the leaders of Hamas in the West Bank, who decided to "cross the lines" and cooperate with the Israeli Shin Bet. 

For more than a decade, he helped thwart dozens of terror attacks and expose terror networks, including Hamas cells which planned to assassinate senior Israeli officials such as Shimon Peres. Inside the Shin Bet - Israel's FBI - he was considered the most senior and trustworthy source ever recruited inside Hamas. His operational nickname was "The Green Prince" - prince because of his family background, and green because that is the color of Hamas' flag. 

What caused this young man, the son of Hamas "royalty", to turn on his own family and movement? Why did he then decide to publish his story, thus putting his life at risk? And how does he view Israel today, after the Shin Bet helped smuggle him to a safe place, far away from the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict? 

Beyond a fascinating personal story, the book also presents new details about the Shin Bet's methods of work, and takes the readers into the dangerous world of spying and intelligence gathering. The book received a lot of coverage in Israeli, Arab and international media. Today, "The Green Prince" is still in touch with some of his former Israeli operators. He lives with 24/7 security. 

Inspire a lasting, personal connection to Israel through Israeli Literature with our Shlicha, Miri. Each month we will engage in meaningful dialogue about Israeli history, reflect on the personal hopes and dreams from Jewish authors, share thoughts on the triumphs and tragedies of Israeli heroes, and celebrate our passion for reading and learning about the meaning of Israel through the written word.  All books will be read in English.

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