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Lifecycle Events

Call the Synagogue Office

  • When you would like to have an aliyah during Shabbat services.
  • To share the news of a joyous occasion, such as a birth, an engagement, or a personal accomplishment.
  • When a friend or acquaintance wishes to make contact with the synagogue or the rabbi.
  • When you have a question of a personal or religious nature to discuss with the rabbi.
  • If you need to speak to a member of the professional staff during non-business hours, please call 703-998-6460.

When A Simcha Occurs

  • When a child is born, please contact the synagogue office as soon as practical to arrange for Brit Milah and/or naming. Rabbi Rein will be happy to advise you regarding scheduling and name selection.
  • Contact the synagogue office and Rabbi Rein regarding arrangements for weddings or other life-cycle events before announcing your plans.

When a Death Occurs

  • Please notify the rabbi or the executive director before contacting a funeral home. The rabbi can provide you with information regarding funeral arrangements and timing of the service.
  • On Yom Tov and Shabbat, even though detailed funeral arrangements should not be made, a staff member on call can be reached at 703-998-6460.
  • To arrange for rituals involving traditional Jewish burial practices through our Chevra Kadisha (burial society), please discuss this with the rabbi or executive director. The congregation will offer support for shomrim (people to “watch” or “guard” the deceased at the funeral home), tahara (ritual washing of the deceased), minyan during shivah, as well as observances during the sh’lsohim period (30 days of mourning). Someone from our Bereavement Committee will contact you to offer help with the setup of shivah and to provide support.
  • The funeral home will need to know the name of the deceased (both the English and Hebrew names), birth date, Social Security number, parents’ names, mother’s maiden name, and the name of the cemetery with the section and plot number, and all pertinent information for an obituary notice. It is customary to provide the funeral home with the tallit of the deceased for burial.
  • The hospital will provide you with a death certificate from an attending physician.
  • The Sisterhood will offer to provide a dairy platter within the Washington area for the meal of consolation immediately following the funeral of a congregant or member of the immediate family.

Our synagogue has a cemetery at 1033 South Payne Street in Alexandria. Here are directions to the cemetery.

If you need directions to King David Memorial Gardens in Falls Church, click here.

If you would like to make arrangements to purchase a plot in this cemetery, please contact the synagogue office at 703-998-6460.

Keeping Kosher

At Agudas Achim, our synagogue follows the doctrines of kashrut. The  kitchen is strictly kosher, and all food served in the synagogue is kosher. Many of our members keep kosher; in fact, many of them only recently began to keep kosher.

Our synagogue has an agreement with a kosher butcher shop in Baltimore, Maryland, and deliveries are made monthly (the meat comes to the synagogue, and those who have ordered it arrange to pick up their order)s. Please contact the office if you are interested in participating.


If you are interested in exploring conversion to Judaism, please contact Rabbi Rein.