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Event Planning Guide

Event Planning Guide

Are you organizing an event for Agudas Achim? The following guide will help you coordinate and publicize the event.

Preparing for an Event

  1. Identify a point person or event chairperson(s) for your event.
  2. Check for possible major conflicts in the wider Jewish community calendar (Israel Fest, Yom HaShoah, Good Deeds Day) by checking
  3. The chairman of the event discusses the event with their staff liaison and the Executive Director at the onset of event planning. This should take place as far in advance as possible, but a minimum of 6-8 weeks prior is needed. At this time the following information should be provided in writing:
    • Determine your audience
    • Prepare a written description of your event
    • Date, Time, and Location
    • How reservations will be done
    • How fees will be collected
    • Budget
  4. If you would like senior staff to participate in the event, please ask them in advance and confirm their participation.
  5. Senior Staff Liaisons:
    • Barry Nove – Sisterhood, Men’s Club, Building, Membership, Kitchen and Catering, Bereavement, Chevre Kadisha, Cemetery, Fundraising, Financial Oversight and Budget, Legal Affairs, Personnel
    • Rabbi Steven Rein – Ritual, Communication, Federation Liaison, Life Long Learning
    • Hazzan Elisheva Dienstfrey – Ritual, Music/Arts, Caring Committee (Bikkur Cholim), Senior Programs
    • Chaya Silver – Social Action (which includes: ALIVE!, Social Action Committee, Good Deeds Day, Young Families, Religious School, Youth Groups, B’nai Mitzvah Administration
    • Jen Halpern – Preschool

Building Use and Room Reservations

If you would like the event to take place at Agudas Achim, fill out and submit a Requisition for Facilities form to the office (Diana Weil) at least 4 weeks prior to the event.


  1. If your event involves food, please let the Executive Director know in your initial meeting. The Kitchen Supervisor (Diana Weil) should be contacted with your menu and kitchen needs a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event.
  2. All food brought into the building must meet the Kashrut standards set forth by the clergy.

Reservations and Fees

Online RSVPs (Eventbrite): If you wish to receive online RSVPs or online payments for your event, contact Sheila about setting up an Eventbrite page. This will provide you with a downloadable, Excel-compatible list of attendees, printed name tags, and other benefits. If you wish to use an alternative fee collection option, please discuss this with the staff liaison.

Internal Publicity

The event chair or designated publicist submits all PR ‘copy’ to Executive Director and the Communications Coordinator 6-8 weeks prior to the event.  The scheduling of PR will be determined by the Rabbi and Executive Director. Once approved, ‘copy’ may be arranged for the following uses:

  1. Monthly Bulletin, Weekly E-mail*, and Website
  2. Shabbat Announcements
  3. Eventbrite
  4. Posters or Flyers (If you would like a flyer or poster displayed in the Synagogue, please contact the executive director and the staff liaison prior to posting)

*Please note that everything publicized in the Weekly E-mail must first be approved by the staff before it can be published.

If you wish to have your event publicized by any other synagogue organizations (i.e. Sisterhood, Men’s Club, Preschool, Religious School, Young Families, etc.) please send ‘copy’ directly to those organizations once it has been approved. Each organization will decide whether it is appropriate for its constituents.

External Publicity

If you wish your event to be open to members of the larger Jewish or general community, please include your wishes when speaking with the staff liaison. You may consider sending information about your event to one or more of the following:

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