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Passover with AAC 5782/2022

Click for Additional Passover Resources, including helpful tips for being a virtual guest at a seder.

Host a Seder or Be a Guest

Have space at your table for Pesah or need a place to go? Fill out this form before Thursday, April 7 to be matched with someone in the community.

Sell Your Hametz

Use this online form to sell your hametz. If you prefer, you may print and complete this form and mail it to the office. Either form must be received by the office by Wednesday, April 13, 2022.

Prepare Your Home

For guidance on how to prepare your kitchen and what foods to buy for the holiday, read the Rabbinic Assembly's Passover Guide for 5782 and its addendum.
Watch these videos from the Rabbinical Assembly on kashering for Pesah.

Buy Kosher-for-Passover Food

How do I get food for Passover? Find the answer here.

Sharing a Seder, Virtually

Follow the Halakhic guidelines for streaming a seder.

Haggadah to Share

Service Schedule

Minyan will meet in-person for morning minyan during Chol Hamoed at 7:30 AM

Friday, April 15 - Fast of the First Born & First Seder
Siyyum B'chorot | 7:30 AM | in-person
Candle lighting | 7:27 PM
No Kabbalat Shabbat or Ma'ariv service; enjoy your seder!
Saturday, april 16 - Passover Day 1; Second Seder
Shabbat and Pesah Services | 9:30 AM
Second Seder; No Ma’ariv Service
Candle lighting | 8:28 PM
Sunday, april 17 - Passover Day 2
Pesah Services | 9:30 AM
Ma’ariv Service (virtual only) – 8:30 PM
Havdalah | 8:29 PM
MONday, april 18 - Passover Day 3
Chol Hamoed/Weekday morning minyan | 7:30 AM
Tuesday, april 19 - Passover Day 4
Chol Hamoed/Weekday morning minyan | 7:30 AM
Wednesday, april 20 - Passover Day 5
Chol Hamoed/Weekday morning minyan | 7:30 AM
Thursday, April 21 - Passover Day 6
Chol Hamoed/Weekday morning minyan | 7:30 AM
Pesah Ma’ariv Service | 6 PM
Candle lighting | 7:33 PM
Friday, April 22 - Passover Day 7
Pesah Services | 9:30 AM
Kabbalat Shabbat Services | 6 PM
Candle lighting | 7:34 PM
Saturday, April 23 - Passover Day 8
Shabbat & Yom Tov/Holiday morning service (including Yizkor) | 9:30 AM
Ma’ariv Service (virtual only) | 8:30 PM
Havdalah | 8:36 PM
Sun, October 2 2022 7 Tishrei 5783