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Lag b'Oreomer

As you all know, USY was not able to hold its annual hamantaschen sale for tzedakah this year. We also had to postpone our Munch Madness Oreo tourney. This combination of cancellations left us with a conundrum – no money to donate to Tikkun Olam, and an overabundance of Oreos.
   So what to do? A number of teens mentioned to me that they would be happy to take some of the cookies off my hands, so what a better way to solve both problems:
Presenting our online Lag b’OreOmer silent auction!
The following packs of Oreos are for sale. 100% of all proceeds will be donated to Tikkun Olam.
By bidding, you agree to the following:
  • All sales final and will be delivered via contactless delivery once payment is received.
  • Payments will be made via PayPal to
  • There will be no exchanges or refunds.
  • All items are “as is.” They have been safely stored and unopened since original purchase, but may be past the expiration date on the packaging.
  • We will not be able to mail the cookies, so if you do not live within a 10 mile radius of Agudas Achim, alternate arrangements for delivery will need to be made.
  • Each person bidding assumes all risks and hazards related to the items obtained at this auction. Each bidder agrees to hold harmless from any liability arising indirectly from Agudas Achim Congregation, their elected and appointed officials, members and employees.
  • To place your bids,  click on this link, and add your name, bid amount, and contact information to the tab for the flavor you are bidding on. Bidding closes at 6 p.m. on May 11, 2020.
Marshmallow moon - June 2019 - Two packages available
Released for the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Highlights include purple creme AND glow in the dark packaging AND stickers on the back of the package. Is the moon really made of marshmallow? Is that where they mined the creme from? Eating these cookies does not guarantee zero gravity results.
Mint Chocolate Chip - July 2019 - Two packages available
This limited edition release teams Oreo up with Baskin Robbins as they present one of the most popular of their 31 flavors! The mint creme is infused with mini-mini chocolate chips. It’ll remind you of the days that you could walk into your local scoop shop and...well, even just walk into your local scoop shop.
White Fudge covered - October 2019 - Two packages available
Classic Oreos dipped in fancy white chocolate. Not just any white chocolate - FANCY white chocolate. Originally was an Oreo Thins flavor but graduated to the big leagues to have standard Oreos covered. Also known as “Snowy Enrobed” or “Chocolate Blanco.”
Mystery flavor- November 2019 - Two packages available
We could tell you what the flavor is - but where is the fun in that? Instead, here’s a list of flavors that it’s not:
· peach
· pineapple creme
· sweet corn
· candied yams
· Taco seasoning.
Have fun guessing!
Latte Creme thins - February 2020 - One package available
These are also the newest flavor to the permanent line up. A little less creme than your standard Oreo, but imagine if a Cookie Crumble Frappuccino was turned into a cookie. One reviewer helpfully suggests: “Pair them with a cold glass of milk or have them with an evening cappuccino.” Classy.
Halloween Boo! - September 2019 - One package available
The orange creme isn’t really “orange” creme; it’s the standard vanilla in an orange color. The chocolate cookies are emblazoned with scary ghosts on one side and their infamous word of wisdom on the other (Boo!)
Maple Creme - August 2019 - Two packages available
This variety puts a maple syrup creme center in between two golden Oreo wafers. Eating these has been described (on Instagram) as like “eating maple syrup from right out of the jar!” Similar to pancakes, so you can totally eat them as a healthy breakfast option. No Canadians were harmed in the making of this flavour.
S’mores - May 2019 - Two packages available
Marshmallow flavor creme on one side; chocolate creme on the other, Sandwiched between two graham cracker flavored wafers. The only downside is that they didn’t decide to simply call these “S’moreos.”
Caramel coconut - January 2020 - One package available
This is one of the new “permanent” flavors of Oreos as opposed to a limited edition variety. The golden creme is caramel flavored -- and it packs a punch with tiny coconut pieces! (Caution: may contain coconut.)
Chocolate Marshmallow - January 2020 - One package available
The companion flavor to caramel coconut. These are chocolate wafers with a chocolate creme center with bits of marshmallow in the actual cookie! THEY MIXED UP THE COOKIE! One reviewer described them as tasting just like Count Chocula cereal.
Trolls World Tour - March 2020 - Two packages available
Two words for you my friends - POP ROCKS! These come with Trolls themed packaging and a green color creme filling with edible glitter and popping candy. One Instagram reviewer who isn’t very smart calls these “a healthy snack!” You’ll definitely want to POP one of these in your mouth.
Tiramisu - April 2020 - One package available
These came out just in time for Passover -- which really didn’t do all that much for us. One reviewer wrote: “Have you tried the new limited edition Tiramisu Oreos?! They are sooo good. I don’t know what tiramisu tastes like but this tastes like brownie batter! 10/10 would recommend!” We tried it after Pesach, and decided it tastes like...tiramisu which is a delicious coffee based dessert. So basically, these are a dessert that taste like a dessert!
Mega Stuf - One package available
A classic Oreo cookie with extra stuf in between. How much stuf? According to leading food scientists (a class of high school students in New York state), the Mega Stuf contains 2.86 times as much stuf as a normal Oreo, while the Double Stuf only contains 1.86 x as much.
The Most Stuf
But wait - there’s more. You thought the Mega Stuf was a lot of stuf? Wait until you see The Most Stuf! It definitely has a higher creme to cookie ratio. Possibly equivalent to an octuple stuf? Is it possible to be Too Much Stuf? Perhaps you prefer more stuf to cookie? If so, this is the Oreo for you. You can eat this and definitely be stuffed full of stuf.
Sat, May 30 2020 7 Sivan 5780