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03/30/2020 10:48:05 AM


Meredith Ludwig

By Meredith Ludwig
As per Joel’s blog post challenge “what do you miss”, I miss being able to share stories about how our children and siblings are doing. I have learned more about families by attending online minyanim in the morning, such as whose children are here, who is traveling back to the states from far-flung countries, and how people stay in touch. This is valuable to maintain perspective. When you are alone you do not realize that many other families are experiencing the same longing. I have friends who cannot get together with elder parents or children because they live separately in the same or neighboring towns but cannot be together for important health reasons. Everyone is trying their best to see and be seen and offer comfort.
My older brother lives in Florida and we usually keep in touch every week by phone and see each other once a year. However this month we are reaching out by phone more often. He tells me how perfect the weather is and the latest restrictions. He set up a zoom account for his class on memoir writing and we practiced the invite process together. We chat about movies and television programs. We agreed on the exceptional work of the actress in the movie Unorthodox, which is remarkable, because he is even more critical of movies than I am. 
Keeping in touch with our daughter is most important to us. She is in New York and that is all I have to say these days for people to understand. The first week of this intense distancing period I suggested we window shop our favorite on line stores. We each picked out a few things we liked and shared our thoughts. I treated for a few things on sale. In turn, she helped us about ten days ago to sign up for various food delivery services. We succeeded this week in having instacart delivery and getting Hello Fresh meals delivered. We share pictures about cooking results. I send her links from the NY Times about how to freeze everything including eggs. Our next goal for a shared activity will be taking on online yoga or barre class. There are so many offered through various companies with free 15 day sign up periods. She is expert at knitting and I have tried crocheting, without much success.
For me having a task list keeps me going. Okay, so I have written “listen to podcasts” in my tasks every morning and still have not listened to the 20 different titles I have on my iphone. Similarly, I have a long list of movies to watch but so far have seen: Blow the Man Down (quirky mystery about a Maine fishing village), Woman at War (superb film about a woman choral director in Iceland who is an environmental activist), the Star Wars movie (just ok), The Stranger (Harlan Coben), the movie about building a synagogue in Portugal, Freud (a darker version of Vienna Blood). We love Call the Midwife (just returned on PBS), Homeland, and many others. One of my favorite cooking shows is Girl Meets Farm, with Molly Yeh showing how to make chicken soup and matzah balls for her Jewish and Chinese family from her farm in Minnesota. I read The Dutch House which I loved and I am reading the back issues of my New York Times magazines. 
If you have explored ways of doing activities with families and friends, or recipes or favorite programs, please share with us.
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