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What I Miss Most About AAC in Coronavirus Diaspora

03/24/2020 12:48:13 PM


Joel Goldhammer

   In some ways this Pandemic has created a condition of Congregational Exile. When the original exile took our community to Babylonia, the faith, inventiveness and general industry of our ancestors created Judaism as the first portable religion. It has been one of our great gifts to the world.
   AAC has already benefited from the creative thinking, responsibility and caring of many of our Congregants. We have Zoom meetings, we have Zoom services, Band Practice, etc.
   While these innovations enhance our gatherings and expand our access to one another, there are things that simply cannot be replaced. These are some of the things I miss and can’t recover in the short term.
  • I miss the feeling of being part of a group in common purpose at a single gathering
  • I miss watching the Nationals and talking about the Nationals with Phil Lurie
  • I miss talking politics with Bruce Brown and Josh Kraushaar, and Stan Blacker and Amir
  • I miss greeting Howie Kohr and Sheri every Shabbat and just catching up
  • I miss the reliable, firm and warm handshake from Rabbi Rein as the Torah is returned to the Ark
   Maybe we can use this blog thread to share what each of us misses most about our enforced separation. Maybe we can use this thread as a mechanism to propose and promote new and better ways of communicating as a Community and a Congregation.
   Most of us are members of multiple communities. We may be able to use this blog as a means of collaborating or leveraging the creativity or technical capacities of other Communities as well. Here is my first sharing of another community’s use of Zoom,
   Note it includes basic instruction as part of the Zoom activity. They also use the mute and microphone controls in slightly different ways than we have, with the result that they have multiple leaders, other than the host, to lead specific things or songs. We did this too for the Bimah officer to speak etc.
   What else can we do? What things that we cannot do at present do you miss most?
Wed, August 12 2020 22 Av 5780