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Meet Our Next Shlicha, Yasmin Drescher

06/02/2020 05:30:37 PM


Meet Our New Shlicha, Yasmin Drescher
Saturday, June 6 | 9:30 AM

Yasmin Drescher, our next shlicha, will join us for Shabbat morning services—from Read more...


03/30/2020 10:48:05 AM


Meredith Ludwig

Preoccupations  By Meredith Ludwig As per Joel’s blog post challenge “what do you miss”, I miss being able to share stories about how our children and siblings are doing. I have learned more about families by attending online minyanim in the morning, such as whose children are here, who is traveling back to the states from far-flung countries, and how people stay in touch. This is valuable to maintain perspective. When you are alone...Read more...

What I Miss Most About AAC in Coronavirus Diaspora

03/24/2020 12:48:13 PM


Joel Goldhammer

   In some ways this Pandemic has created a condition of Congregational Exile. When the original exile took our community to Babylonia, the faith, inventiveness and general industry of our ancestors created Judaism as the first portable religion. It has been one of our great gifts to the world.    AAC has already benefited from the creative thinking, responsibility and caring of many of our Congregants. We have Zoom...Read more...

Togetherness While Apart

03/16/2020 10:07:13 AM


Rachel Goldberg

   Among all the unusual practices we are to encounter over the next weeks (or months) is the way we conduct our daily minyan. Usually an intimate group of 10 or so congregants gather in the Flax Chapel. Maintaining social distancing renders that impossible.     Ironically, this week’s parsha is VaYakhel, which begins: "Moshe gathered all the congregation of Israel.” While gathering physically is not possible these...Read more...
Thu, February 25 2021 13 Adar 5781