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Video Messages From Our Clergy

ALIVE! (ALexandrians InVolved Ecumenically) has asked all its member clergy to submit videos for its website with words of prayer and inspiration. Messages from Rabbi Rein and Hazzan Dientsefrey can be viewed here:
Video message from Rabbi Rein, April 1, 2020
Video message from Hazzan Dienstfrey, April 1, 2020
Initial message from our clergy at the beginning of our closure, March 15, 2020:
Watch this video message from Rabbi Rein.
Watch this video message from Hazzan Dienstfrey.

Message from ALIVE!

ALIVE! needs a lot of support now. Read the  message (03/23/2020) from ALIVE! President Eric Winakur, and ALIVE! Executive Director Jennifer Ayers.

Update, March 13, 2020

Dear Agudas Community, 

   Throughout Jewish history we have learned as a community that sacred moments are not dependent upon physical space. The Children of Israel learned to build community even when they left Mount Sinai. When the Temple in Jerusalem was lost we built community. Even Adam and Eve learned to have faith in God after leaving the Garden of Eden. As Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel taught: Judaism creates holiness through time and acts of love and kindness. For the next few weeks, the strong relationship that we have with each other will create these sacred moments even without the use of our sacred space.
   As of this afternoon, we have decided to suspend face-to-face, in-person activities and services. The building is effectively closed for the next two weeks. On an as-needed basis some staff may be in and out to gather mail, papers, etc. Our building is being carefully cleaned and sanitized.
   The Agudas task force will meet bimonthly for as long as is necessary and is prepared to meet more frequently as conditions require. The Board is meeting virtually on Tuesday, March 17, when we will have an update on operations and planning. Please stay tuned for email announcements. We will try to avoid bombarding you with notices. We know most of us are getting emails from every company we can think of.
   Agudas will continue to serve as a house of learning, community, and prayer through virtual means and ongoing pastoral care.
Daily Minyan
Morning Minyan (Shacharit), Mondays-Fridays |7:30 AM 
Evening Minyan (Ma’ariv) | Sundays-Thursdays | 7:30 PM

   Note that evening minyan will take place at 7:30 p.m.; not 7:50 p.m.
   While we will not be a minyan together we WILL pray together. For our minyan community, for those seeking a spiritual connection, and for those in mourning or observing a yahrzeit, join us for our daily Zoom minyanim. Please make sure to use the appropriate link below. If you need a siddurclick here for the siddur pages we will be using during the minyan Zoom calls.
Kabbalat Shabbat | Friday| 6:30 PM  
Shabbat Morning | Saturdays| 9:30 AM
Havdallah | Saturdays | varies, check the Shabbat webpage for weekly times
Ma'arive & Havdallah service | varies, check the Shabbat webpage for weekly times
   Shabbat has always been the moment our community comes together. While certainly not the same, we will follow guidance from the Conservative Movement’s Committee on Jewish Law and Standards and connect via Zoom for Friday night services, Shabbat morning, and Havdallah. These services will be led by Hazzan Dienstfrey and Rabbi Rein.
Zoom for ALL minyanim/services

NEW Zoom info, July 2020

Connect by phone: 646-558-8656
Meeting ID: 928 3450 2894
Password: 570582
   During these challenging times we want to create the largest Hesed committee we have ever had. Together with clergy and staff, we are reaching out to the more vulnerable members of our community. This is a large undertaking and will require many phone calls. We invite you to join the team by emailing Erica Jacobs. The main purpose of these calls is to assess emergency needs, to be sure no one in our community is left without essential items such as food, medicine and supplies.
Zoom Volunteers
   For many in our community, this will be the first time they are using Zoom as a way to connect. If you are able to help members of the community with how to use this technology please email Erica Jacobs.
Zoom Help!
   Need help using zoom? Please email Erica Jacobs and we will connect you with one of our Zoom volunteers.
Committee Meetings
   We encourage committee members to get together, plan and discuss priorities and issues using Zoom.
Pastoral Care
   As a reminder, we are here to support and comfort our community as we navigate this situation. For all pastoral matters, please contact Rabbi Rein or Hazzan DienstfreyRabbi Jack Moline is also available to offer support.

  Yesterday we read about the challenge facing the Children of Israel as they journeyed forth from Mount Sinai. The rabbis teach that the ark of the covenant contained both the shards of the broken tablets together with restored whole tablets -- an important image for us today. We are well aware of the fragile, sharp and shattered world in which we live. Our lives are changed and our world is in need of healing. Our forward momentum is guided by the promise of wholeness that will, please God, soon arrive.

Community Updates

Letter to Our Community, from Congregation President Meredith Ludwig, March 11, 2020

Sat, December 5 2020 19 Kislev 5781