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Officers and Board of Directors

Co-Presidents: Jeff Goldstein and Jonathan Saiger
Senior Vice President: Kenneth Labowitz
Financial Vice President: Don Melman
Member Services Vice President: Jennafer Miller
Ritual Vice President: Nancy Hailpern
Youth Services Vice President: Larry Altenburg
Preschool Vice President: Meredith Ludwig
Secretary: Gwen Stokols
Treasurer: Robert Shapiro
Sisterhood President: Lenore Garon
Men’s Club Presidents: Don Melman and Eliot Parkin
Immediate Past President: Joel Goldhammer

Jack Berman: At large
Bruce BrownAt large
John Ehrman: At large
Eric Fusfield: At large
Marci Greenberger: At large
Bekah Hersch: At large
Alex Perry: At large
Amy Posner: At large