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Clergy and Professionals

The synagogue fulfills many important needs in the lives of its members — from ritual and spiritual guidance, Jewish education, the celebration of life-cycle events, and can sometimes comfort in difficult and stressful situations. Our staff does everything they can to help meet those needs.

Congregants are treated courteously and with the utmost confidentiality. If need be, a member will promptly be referred to the appropriate representative of the synagogue (professional staff or Board of Directors) who can help that congregant with his or her issue. We expect employees to support and positively represent the overall goals and mission of the synagogue to the congregation and the community-at-large. The growth, nurturing and future development of the synagogue is dependent on its employees, acting as ambassadors on its behalf and behalf of the principles taught and practiced by the Jewish faith. When you call the office any one of our capable and competent staff is willing to help you.

Our Office Staff:

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