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Lifelong Learning Classes

Lifelong learning is one of the three pillars of our Jewish Values. We are each encouraged to engage in spiritual and intellectual growth, throughout our lives, in order to both bring us closer to God and to enrich our personal and Jewish lives.

Here at Agudas Achim, we strive to support the embrace of this principle by providing our congregational community with access to a rich selection of topical insights from many diverse and distinguished sources of learning.
We offer programming for various levels of background and education, from entry level novice through the deeply immersed, in order to address the needs of the broadest possible cross-section of our community. And, more than that, we urge each of you to explore the many offerings you can find on the events calendar of this website,  and engage.

See our Events Calendar for upcoming classes.

Four Hymns

There are four hymns that hold prominent places in the Shabbat liturgy and each one emphasizes one of the ways we imagine a relationship with God and, maybe, with each other.  Come sing and read each one, and discuss a text about a basic human impulse.
Wednesdays | June 7, 14, 21, 28 | 7:00 pm
Rabbi Jack Moline

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